The Vampire Chronicles collection redesign

Mockup of three books

This project was a self-directed project, with the aim to create a relaunch for The Vampire Chronicles collection, including new covers and posters for the three first books of the collection. After years of the publication of the first book, this famous collection could benefit from a more modern look to attract new readers.

Mindmap with key words surrounding the collection

To start the planning for this project I wrote down keywords surrounding the collection as a whole, to have a grasp on the general aesthetic I would go for. After that I also did the mindmaps for each book individually, with words that I could highlight as important elements from each story.

The second step was sketching. I entered this phase with a few ideas that I was sure I was going to forward with, such as the cover for the second book. The other books had a longer process, and a bigger difference between the initial sketches and the final product.

Initial sketches for the cover of Interview with the Vampire Initial sketches for the covers of The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned

After the mindmaps and the skecthes, I decided one important point for the entire project was to highlight any sharp edges, blood, and a mix of modern and classical elements.

Final cover for Interview with the Vampire Final cover for The Vampire Lestat Final cover for Queen of the Damned

The final covers, then, all have a golden frame, a classical baroque element, an architectural and artistic movement. The individual elements in each cover were chosen based on important plot points from each book, but all having the same common colors of white and red, along with bloody fangs.

Along with the brand new covers, this project also included one poster for each book. The posters have a different style from the covers, but also evoke important elements from each book, while maintaining a common color pallete among themselves.

Poster for Interview with the Vampire Poster for The Vampire Lestat Poster for Queen of the Damned

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